Distribution Nozzle
Distribution Nozzle

Distribution Nozzle

The MM Aqua solid rectangle spray nozzle consists of a standard plastic body and a choice of four different plastic tabulators and orifice inserts. The result is four different water capacities. In order of increasing capacity, the nozzles are 1-A, 1-B, 1-C and 1-D.

The standard plastic used for manufacturing the nozzle body is suitable for service at temperatures up to 180 F. Each nozzle is supplied with silicone gasket, plastic tabulator and orifice, forming the ‘ nozzle assemble’ .

Salient features :-

  • Made of corrosion resistant plastic.
  • Uniform rectangular distribution.
  • Overlapping area is least and portion remains dry as in circular distribution.
  • Water capacity can be readily changed within single nozzle body.as we use same body for different water flow capacity.
  • Easy twist lock installation and removal needs no tools.
  • Loss weight and cost in piping systems.