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Rigid PVC Sheet

Rigid PVC Sheet

MM Aqua Technologies have 27 years of expertise in PVC processing i.e. Calandering rigid PVC sheets and Extrusion of PVC profiles for engineering application. MM Aqua has added to its product range, PVC sheets in roll form for use in manufacturers of formed PVC sheets for engineering use. 4 Roll Calender machine complete with downstream is capable of producing Plain sheets of international quality up to width of 1350 mm wide and 600 mm in diameter. Rigid PVC sheets are suitable for manufacturing of Film fill media used in Cooling tower & water and waste water treatment pplications.

PVC sheets can be manufactured for specialised applications with special physical properties suitable for any process of manufacturing. All PVC sheets produced are tested in in-house laboratory to ensure quality.

Typical Specification for PVC Sheet Roll :-

Sheet Width, Max 1350 mm
Roll Diameter 600mm Standard. Special diameters on request
Density: 1.4 Gms/CC for Black Colour
Standard Colour: Black / White. Special colours in demand.
Thickness: 0.2 to 0.8 mm thick
Core: Paper Cone of 75mm.
Packing details: 4 rolls Stacked on Wooden pallet for fork lift handling

Typical Physical Properties of PVC sheets :-

Density as per ASTM D792/DIN 53479 Min 1.4gm/cc
Modulus of elasticity as per ASTM D 882 Min 25000 Kg/cm2
Tensile strength as per ASTMD 882 Min 420 Kg/cm2.
Tensile elongation as per DIN 53455 Min 7%
Izod impact strength as per ASTM D256 Min 35.6 J/m
Vicat impact strength as per ASTM D1525 Min 800C.
UV Stabilisation as per ASTM G 146 <10% reduction in Impact Strength.
Flammability as per ASTM D 635 Self extinguishing