PVC tube settlers for solid liquid separation in water and wastewater treatment plants: Named as TUBEdek, it is a very high efficiency solid-liquid separator. This is due to the fact that its shape is hexagonal-chevron type that has got highest efficiency of separation among all other shapes available i.e. square, rectangular or hexagonal. Its area of application includes primary and secondary settling in water as well as wastewater treatment plants with any type of secondary treatment. It is also being very successfully used along with anaerobic digesters, to control the outflow of sludge and enhance gas production.

Traditional sedimentation tanks or clarifiers are large structures , occupying much valuable space , are perceived as high investment cost items.

Attacking the very crux of this problem, MM Aqua’s TUBEdek is a PVC tube settler which offers enhancing capacity for settling of suspended solids in a fractional area.

Using Munter’s technology, TUBEdek provides the most economical way of improving clarifier performance. Its major application areas are municipal, industrial and wastewater treatment. TUBEdek can be installed within settling tanks (both existing & new).

TUBEdek settling media helps to reduce the amount of suspended solids in carrier fluids ; thus improving effluent quality ; which in turn improves the efficiency of existing plants. Moreover, with TUBEdek, new clarification tanks can be designed in smaller size vice-versa maintain the same performance level, at less cost. The use of TUBEdek leads to the formation of large settling areas and small sink paths.

The TUBEdek model, FS 41.50 is easy to install in any shape of clarifier; its Hexagonal-Chevron shape is the most ideal for effective settling with or without coagulation or flocculation. High settling surface area (11 and 13m2/m3) leads to a very small clarifier size and the detention time requirement is also very low when compared to conventional clarifiers.

We have our structure framed keeping the Customer’s Interest in mind. We work on 3 L concept for economic solution and 3R concept for efficient solution.

3 L Concept:

  • Low Initial Capital Costs
  • Low Operating Costs
  • Low Energy Cost/Consumption
3 R Concept:

  • Reliable Performance
  • Resistance to Hydraulic and Organic Shock Loads
  • Robust construction

  • Increases the capacity of Clarifier
  • Increases the effective surface area of basin
  • Decreases the effective particle Settling distance drastically
  • It enhances the particle agglomeration and growth, bringing particles into closer contact with each other at the bottom of the tube
  • Unique hexagonal chevron configuration for superior settling applications


SETTLING AREA 60˚ slope : 11 m2/m3.
55˚ slope : 13 m2/m3
WEIGHT approx 75 kg/m3.
SEPARATOR HEIGHT STANDARD 500mm 5.5 m2 settling area/m2.
1000mm 11 m2 settling are
Other heights upon request.
MAXIMUM CONTINUOUS WORKING TEMPERTURE 55˚C (depends on the load and the kind of supporting structure.
BLOCK WIDHTH (R-1) X 127 mm + 176 mm;
where R = number of profile rows.
BLOCK VOLUME W X L X H <= 0.6m3 ; otherwise Lifting aid is required for moving the blocks.
BLOCK LENGTH to be adapted to the distance of supports in such a manner that the block is supported by 2 beams,
SUPPORT Distances at max.1000mm.Larger distances possible if the blocks are also supported by T sections.
Support Width : minimum 60mm
TRANSPORT Finished blocks : 2 to 3 times the separator volume.
VOLUME PROFILES : Approx 25% of the volume of finished Separator.

Applications in:

  • WATER TREATMENT Application of TUBEdek FS 41.50 provide effective settling in potable   and Industrial   water   treatment   plants,   to settle chemically   treated water in the Clarification stage.
  • WASTEWATERTREATMENT TUBEdek is widely applied in the field of wastewater treatment plants to provide effective settling at primary and secondary stages.
  • ANAEROBIC DIGESTERSThis   is   a   new   application of TUBEdek where solid retention is maintained in   Sludge blanket type of   reactors.   TUBEdek   is placed above the sludge blanket in the clarification   zone of the anaerobic digestor remove solids from   digested     waste. This maintains     the     required solid concentration in sludge blankets.


  • Clarification of raw river water in water treatment plants
  • Clarification   of   process   water from coal fines in coal washeries
  • Clarification of wastewater from wet scrubbers
  • Mineral Processing Industry
  • Concentrate Thickeners (Primary Thickener)
  • Clarifier / Secondary Thickeners
  • Middling Thickeners
  • Tailing thickeners (clarifiers) for reclaiming process water
  • Phosphoric acid clarification
  • Various Settling applications in Iron and Steel Industry
  • Clarification and thickening of mill scale
  • Clarification of water from sand in hydraulic stowing systems in underground mines
  • Various   settling     /   clarification applications in   thermal power plants.