Biosludge Management

MM Aqua has recently collaborated with Prote-Poland on MOS Technology. MOS Technology is the first of its kind technology which addresses the biological sludge reduction by improving the wastewater treatment plant biology without any changes in sequence of physical and/or chemical process design.

MOS Technology improves overall bioreactor biology and is a two-step process as described below-

Step 1: Some distinct naturally grown species of microbes & micro-nutrients are added into the bio reactor with help of a continuous dosing mechanism. This constantly increases growth of desired microorganism and suppress unwanted growth of filamentous, reduces weaker and dead cells.

Step 2: Some process monitoring analysers (which may be already present in some plants) are installed in waste water treatment plant’s bio-reactor, which helps in keeping the control on bio-chemical reactions and processes.

This results in the growth of desired flocculating biomass and lesser excessive sludge generation.

MM Aqua guarantees of 20% volume of bio sludge reduction in waste water treatment plant, however higher reduction up to 60% is attainable. MM Aqua offers free bio sludge reduction up to 20% and will only charge for bio sludge reduction of more than 20% on prior data basis. Higher reduction of bio sludge will leads to more advantages.

Features of MOS Technology at a glance:

  • First ever introduced technology to reduce Aerobic Biological reactor

    It is the first ever successfully applied research based technology in the world which reduces aerobic sludge volume substantially. MOS technology reduces the biological sludge up to minimum 20% (guaranteed value, however higher reduction is possible) in the treatment process itself without hindering the operation and efficiency of process.

  • Supports main Wastewater Treatment Biology

    MOS technology also directly supports the biology of the treatment system. It helps in maintaining designed SRT (solids retention time) and MCRT (mean cell residence time) which helps in keeping microorganisms younger and effective. It also helps in growth of flocculating bacteria and supressing filamentous growth.

  • Low Investment and Low Operational Cost

    Investment and Operational cost of MOS technology is quite reasonable and is highly beneficial in comparison to the cost saved on sludge treatment, improved process efficiency and ancillary activities.

  • Efficient on Footprint

    Space requirements for MOS technology is also less and requires <0.1% of the total plant process & operation area.