Cyclone Separator(Centri-cleaner)

Cyclone Separator(Centri-cleaner)

Liquid containing particles enter the feed inlet tangentially which sets up a circular
flow. The inner tangential slots located in the cylindrical top helps create a vortex and
accelerate the flow into the inner barrel. Due to the centrifugal action, heavier
particles are forced to the sides of the barrel, pushed downwards and they eventually
accumulate in the collection chamber. Vent-tube draws fluid and pressure to allow
finer solids to settle down and creates a stabilized vortex flow. A Deflector plate,
located on the top of the collection chamber halts the vortex thus changing the
direction of flow. Clear liquid move upwards through the vortex and exit via the
separator’s top outlet. The separated solids are discharged on a regular, periodic and
continuous interval by automatic purging.

Area of application

In Steel Industries:-
1. Quench system for metal tempering process / DCW
2. Steel and cast iron fines and swarf in synthetic coolant
3. De-Scaling the hot steel prior to rolling it into sheet
4. Cleaning of process water in any steel plant
5. Metal coating areas
6. Slab casting
7. De-Scaling of furnace scale

In HVAC :-

  1. Side Stream Filtration

In Power Industries :-

  1. Side Stream Filtration
  2. Full Stream Filtration
  3. Basin Sweeping
  4. Closed Loop Filtration etc….